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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2


Our classes are 2SCW and 2KB

Our teachers are Miss Butterworth, Mrs Green and Mrs Bassett.

Mrs Cantwell-Wilkinson is currently on maternity leave. 

Mrs Clements and Mrs Ellerby are our teaching assistants.

Mrs Beeson teaches the children on a Tuesday. 


 Remember to check back throughout the year to see what we have been up to! smiley


Mrs Cantwell-Wilkinson gave birth to a little girl called Ella-Rose on Thursday 4th May.


2KB enjoy some art in 'The World Outside' topic

Florence Nightingale Visit 

On Tuesday 17th January year 2 had a visit from Florence Nightingale! The famous nurse known as 'The Lady with the Lamp' came to visit year 2 to tell us her story as part of our famous faces project. 

To begin with Florence told us about her early life and her family and shared with us what it was like growing up in a rich family. She then told us about her desire to be a nurse and how she had to hide her training from her disapproving family. We then learnt about the key events in her nursing career and her impact on nursing. 

Florence also brought a range of resources and props for the children to explore. At the end of the session Some of the children had fun dressing up in traditional costumes!

The Great Fire of Butlers Court

The Great Fire of Butlers Court 1
The Great Fire of Butlers Court 2
The Great Fire of Butlers Court 3

The Great Fire of Butlers Court

On Tuesday 15th November 2016 at half past one on Butlers Court playground 2SCW and 2KB had our own fire by burning our handmade Tudor houses. I wondered what was going to happen. The fire spread quickly because the wind blew and the houses were in rows close together. I really enjoyed that time.

By Jakub Kusmierek 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Beaconsfield Old Town


We had a great visit to Beaconsfield Old Town in September.

We found out about the history of the town and looked for clues that showed how the town used to be used. We enjoyed visiting the market stalls and each bought a piece of fruit for our morning snack. After lunch we visited Reverend Jeremy at St Mary's Church and found out why a Church is a special place for some people.

Year 2 Learning at home


Easimaths can be accessed through www.rmunify.com


Reading books will be changed each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Remember they can be read more than once to help improve fluency and your child is welcome to supplement these reading scheme books with others from home.