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The school employs a range of methods including digital, hardcopy, noticeboards and word of mouth.  


  • The school office and class teachers communicate by weekly e-mail. 


  • School events are celebrated in a half termly newsletter. 


  • Assessment results are communicated termly. 


  • Text messages and email are used for individuals as necessary. 

We aim to ensure that: 


  1.  Prospective parents are provided with sufficient information to make a choice about the  school.


2.  Parents have general access to information about the school including policies, curriculum and     organisation.


3.  Parents are kept informed of events and activities in the school calendar.


4.  Parents are kept informed about the progress of their child and individual programmes in         place for them.


5.  Parents are encouraged to share outside successes in school.


6.  Parents are encouraged to access the class teacher or senior staff about any concerns they       have.


7.  Parents are kept up to date with how they can help their child at home.