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The safety of your child online is something we take very seriously in school and is part of our ICT curriculum.   We appreciate that it is an area that some parents find confusing and difficult to keep up with.


I would like to remind you that on our School Website we have a link to the news feed for Parents Info, a collaboration between CEOP and Parent Zone.  Parent Info provides high quality information to parents and carers about their children's wellbeing and resilience. In line with CEOP’s ‘Thinkuknow’ programme, some of the content covers internet safety, but it all starts from the assumption that young people make little distinction between their online and offline lives and the issues for parents are often the same. The aim is to help parents help their children be discriminating, web-literate and resilient.


You can find the news feed at: https://www.butlerscourt.bucks.sch.uk/e-safety/


Two recent articles worth reading are:

1.   A Parent’s Guide to Digital Resilience

2.   The 6 apps and services parents should know about


A regular look at the articles will help you keep abreast of what is a rapidly changing World.

E-Safety Policy and school presentation to parents

Click on the e-safety link below to find further advice and guidance to protect your children and keep them safe on-line