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Football is back up and running again.

Round 3 - inter house competition - netball shooting.

Science is happening all around the school with much excitement about the moon rock


House captains have held their first official meeting and have organised the first inter-house competition of the year.

Autumn 1 - A range of teams representing the school. All showing great teamwork, determination and sportsmanship.

Fly the Flag Week 2019


Fly the Flag Project
This June schools across the UK have been invited to mark the 70th anniversary of the
'Universal Declaration of Human Rights.' 
A flag has been created to symbolise 'universal human rights' which will fly from buildings
across the UK from 24th-30th June 2019.




In our PSHE lessons during the week, every class explored the importance of human rights and what it means for us.

2KL presented a wonderful assembly to make us think about what our lives would be like if our human rights were taken away from us.


Our EYFS 'Fly the Flag'


All of the children in reception discussed the importance of being given the right to live as we wish.  We even considered if we should always do as we wanted and we thought this might not always be such a good idea!

We all printed our footprints which Miss Speed turned into our own version of the flag.  We chose this design as we thought it was something which made us all happy and content, can you tell what it is?


Human Rights poetry-2KL

Fly the Flag 2019

2KL Human Rights Flags


Fly the Flag work


Visit to the Albert Hall

Yr3 Choir at the the Beaconsfield Festival of Choirs

Welcome to the gallery! 

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