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Year 6

Year 6


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Why learn languages?

Imperial War Museum trip - discovering more about WW1 and what else has happened since.

Wycombe Museum come to visit - helping our understanding of WW1.

Amazon project - sharing their areas of research.

Design & Technology - structures.

Investigating and recreating the features of a river.

Ancient Greeks - Olympics through the centuries.

Making a Greek salad

Carefully decorating our Greek masks and cups.

Exploring Maths through different methods.

IT Poster Competition Winners

6PS World War One Poetry 2019
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Tours of the School



Reading Partners - Year 6 pupils finish their books and hand them over

Our Residential Trip to France

On Monday the 12th June, Butlers Court visited France on a residential. At 5:00am, 60 children were waking up all excited and looking forward to the thrilling day ahead. Having made the ferry crossing  year 6 made their way to the Sea Life Aquarium. The sea creatures there were an amazing experience to view and learn about. There were many species of fish like; seals, sharks, crocodiles and multiple shoals of fish. Next we headed for the sea lion show. They were talented and very entertaining! It was incredible being able to see how clever and obedient these sea life creatures are. (Rebecca)


On the Tuesday of the year 6 trip to France we had an early start and went off to breakfast to enjoy a meal consisting of bread and spread (chocolate spread). After this meal we rushed straight to the market.  As soon as we arrived we went straight into filling out a French worksheet. However, it was very fun when we found a sweet seller and bought some spray, yum.


After that we went to the snail farm. Monsieur showed us the different parts of a snail. It was very nice to hold the snails as they did not affect me at all. Furthermore some people had them on their the end of the exciting visit to the snail farm we tasted the snails however not all enjoyed them.


Later that day we went to the goat cheese farm and tasted fresh cheese. Also we were allowed to hold lambs and chicks. When we did get to trying cheese i tried the second oldest was not nice for me. When we got back we swam in the swimming pool. The day had ended (Aydan)


On Wednesday we visited the Confiserie in Boulogne. Everyone found it so satisfying to see the sugar and water fall onto the table. When we were at the factory, towards the end of the visit we got to taste the samples of handmade sweets that were top notch! Then everyone rushed into the shop to purchase some fabulous sweeties.


Afterwards we went for a walk down a market street were a lot of people purchased berets and various souvenirs to bring home. (Kallie)


Next we went to the beach, our favourite part of the day. When we arrived we all got changed into our swimming costumes and played on the adventure playground which was very enjoyable and we found out that we played with everyone. We were given the permission to buy ice creams and slushies if we wanted to and after about half an hour we were allowed to go swimming in the cool sea. The sea was very salty I found this out when by accident I left my mouth open when Megan splashed water in my mouth. We had to leave the sea after half an hour but we were still playing on the beach. (Kiran)


On Thursday we visited the Somme Battlefield sites from the First World War.  We made a number of stops including a visit to a cemetery where we found the grave of one of the soldiers on the Beaconsfield War Memorial – a relative of Phoebe Waters. The afternoon was spent exploring the Newfoundland Trenches which made us appreciate the sacrifices made. (Oli)


Then it was time to return after a wonderful trip.