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If you pre-order your child's hot lunch, and your child is absent from school or on a school trip please remember to cancel their order for that specific day by 9.00am, or you will still be charged. Thank you.

Universal School Meals


Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children are entitled to universal infant free school meals.  





noDo include some fruit, vegetables or salad:

    Celery                            Cucumber

Courgette                           Carrots

Tomatoes                          Peppers


noDo include some Carbohydrate such as:

Bread                                 Pasta

Wraps                                Crackers

Potato, rice or bean salad


noDo vary desserts to include a range of:

Yoghurt                               Rice Pudding

Fruit                                    Mousse

Cake                                   Raisins



noRestrict some items with a high sugar or salt content to occasional use such as:

Bags of crisps

Sausage rolls


enlightenedA don’t

Don’t include sweets or chocolate bars and nut products