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PSHE/RSE information and support

Presentation for parents on our school approach to RSE and PSHE

At Butlers Court we follow Jigsaw PSHE. We believe that Jigsaw PSHE perfectly connects the pieces of Personal, Social, Health and Well-Being Education.

The programme teaches children and young people emotional literacy, social- and lifelong skills, RSE/RSHE and resilience in an age-appropriate manner


Parents are recognised as children's primary educators for Relationships and Sex Education (RSE), yet many feel unprepared. Often this is because they had poor RSE themselves - from home, school, or both.


The following information and resources are designed to support you in helping your child navigate the emotional and physical changes that take place during puberty, as well as learning about sex in the context of safe, loving relationships.


Suggested reading list for 3-7 year-olds, covering relationships, reproduction & families

  • Mummy Laid an Egg by B Cole 
  • Amazing You by Dr G Saltz
  • Where Willy Went by N Allan 
  • Let’s Talk About Where Babies Come From by R H Harris
  • What Makes a Baby by C Silverberg 
  • If I had a 100 Mummies by V Carter 
  • Mummy Never Told Me by B Cole 
  • And Tango Makes Three by J Richardson and P Parnell 
  • So Much by T Cooke 
  • Where Did That Baby Come From by D Gliori 
  • Topsy and Tim and the New Baby by J and G Adamson 

Suggested reading list for 8-11 year-olds, covering reproduction/puberty/relationships/gender

  • Girls Only by V Parker
  • How your Body Works by Judy Hindley
  • Let’s Talk About Sex by R H Harris
  • Living with a Willy by N Fisher
  • Sex is a Funny Word by C Silverberg and F Smyth 
  • The Period Book by K Gravelle
  • The Puberty Book by W Darvill
  • What’s Happening to Me? by P Mayle
  • Alien Nation by The Proud Trust
  • 'Grown' The Black Girls Guide to Glowing Up by Melissa Cummings-Quarry & Natalie A Carter
  • The Autsim-Friendly Guide to Periods by Robyn Steward

National Literacy Trust list of books about love


Useful books for parents

Questions Children Ask and How to Answer Them by Dr M Stoppard

Speakeasy: Talking with your Children about Growing Up by fpa (Family Planning Association)

Can I have babies too? Sexuality and Relationships Education for Children from Infancy up to Age 11 by Sanderijn van der Doef, Clare Bennett, and Arris Lueks