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Our hot lunch supplier is a company called Dolce. They provide hot lunches to schools in all parts of the UK and several Buckinghamshire .


 Meal Choices - There will be menu choices each day and orders are placed by 9.30am each morning. These choices can be booked by you at home for up to a term in advance or children can make their own choice during class registration.


Payments – Meals are paid for in arrears by direct debit.  Dolce will email your monthly bill for the meals taken and take the payment two weeks later.


KS1 Universal Infant Free School Meals are available to EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2.


Registration for Dolce meals - you will be asked to provide an email address which we will share with Dolce.  Dolce will then contact you requesting you to complete registration.


Please use this link for the Live Kitchen ordering

Please use this link for Dolce



Summer Term Menu

If you pre-order your child's hot lunch, and your child is absent from school or on a school trip please remember to cancel their order for that specific day by 9.00am, or you will still be charged. Thank you.

Universal School Meals


Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children are entitled to universal infant free school meals.  





noDo include some fruit, vegetables or salad:

    Celery                            Cucumber

Courgette                           Carrots

Tomatoes                          Peppers


noDo include some Carbohydrate such as:

Bread                                 Pasta

Wraps                                Crackers

Potato, rice or bean salad


noDo vary desserts to include a range of:

Yoghurt                               Rice Pudding

Fruit                                    Mousse

Cake                                   Raisins



noRestrict some items with a high sugar or salt content to occasional use such as:

Bags of crisps

Sausage rolls


enlightenedA don’t

Don’t include sweets or chocolate bars and nut products