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4RP Visit to Shortenills

Shortenills is the best place for a school outing! Our first activity was orienteering. In orienteering we had to find square cards with some letters and an animal. Most of 4RP really liked den building. I learnt that conifers, ferns and moss all have spores and not flowers.



I enjoyed our visit to Shortenills because we got to experience so many different activities like pond dipping, orienteering and a night hike. One of my favourite bits was sleeping in a dormitory with all my friends. I also liked the campfire because we told riddles and ate smores.



Year 4 went to Shortenills on 3rd February. When we got there we had a tour of the dormitory and I chose a bunk bed which I shouldn't have because I kept bonking my head on the top bunk!



At Shortenills our first activity was orienteering. It was my favourite activity. I also enjoyed pond dipping because it was interesting looking at all of the creatures and identifying them. We learnt how to read a map, use a compass and some other things. I liked doing the team building as well.