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Chiltern Music Academy Opportunities

On Monday, 10th November I visited Butlers Court School to speak to the children about the musical opportunities available to them at Chiltern Music Academy. Throughout my stay I was impressed by the warm, happy atmosphere of the school, and the politeness of the children. The children sang heartily and, by the end of the assembly, managed to sing in three part harmony which was a great achievement. The staff gave the children an extremely positive lead by joining in wholeheartedly, and this made for a very happy session.


Quite understandably, many children are nervous of entering a room full of unknown people led by an unknown teacher, and so my visit offered an invaluable opportunity for them to meet me, and to sing a few songs that they could expect to sing should they come and join a choir led by myself at Chiltern Music Academy.


Chiltern Music Academy is an independent organisation which has enjoyed a very successful launch since September. All the Orchestras, Bands, Choirs, and Chamber Groups are well attended, and the special launch event entitled the Big Noise was a wonderful day. We were fortunate that two of our six internationally acclaimed Patrons, Nicholas Daniel and Christine Rice, were able to be present. The Bucks Free Press also wrote a very favourable article.


If you would like to view a short video clip of the Big Noise, or find out more about the musical opportunities available to all school age children at Chiltern Music Academy, please visit the CMA website:




Mrs Kate Venvell

Conductor of Mini Springers, Springers, Junior Choir and Intermediate Choir

Chiltern Music Academy