Butlers Court School

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Danceathon / Sports Relief

Pandas and Giraffes really loved the Danceathon!! We think we threw some very cool dance moves and raised lots of money for Sport Relief.


5JM put together an assembly all about Sport Relief. They didn't just want to raise awareness of this great cause but they wanted to raise money. They set about making a plan and they came up with a sponsored dance a thon! Everyone in 5JM started making posters when we went home. Then Mrs Moon chose the 3 winning posters and they were Emily's, Gordon’s and Bella’s, we put them up around the school so everyone would know. Soon the word was out 5JM were doing a dance a thon all the school was buzzing about it and finally the day came. Mrs Digby was on the stage busting some moves and even some boys from year 5 joined her all having so much fun. We raised £2575.00 Thank you to everyone who joined - what an amazing event!

By Bella Hartley 5JM