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Emily Tamagni, 4RP Home Learning during the Coronavirus

Home Learning during the Coronavirus

By Emily Tamagni, 4RP


We have been home schooling for over a week now. To be truthful, I am sad school is shut because I don’t get to see my friends and I really miss them! I also have to work with my younger sister in Year 2 who needs more help than I do and there is only one adult available. But at least I have a big garden with a trampoline and a climbing frame to play on when we take breaks. Even though we can’t go out to see any of our friends, we can still FaceTime them and that’s fun too. Google classroom has been a big help because you can socialise with people from your class and check on the work your teacher has been posting. Home schooling does mean that I have more time to do what I like, like baking and playing tennis outside. We can’t go out to the shops but we have stocked up on some food and have a lot of ingredients for baking! The work seems a bit harder than it would have been at school because my mum and dad aren’t teachers so they don’t always know how to explain everything as well as Ms Parry would. Home learning has meant that I’m on the computer a lot more than I normally am and that makes a change. I’m not yet bored of home learning but I really hope we can get back to school soon!