Butlers Court School

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JAGUAR MATHS IN MOTION WORLD FINALS Another Butlers Court team qualified for World Finals of Cars Maths in Motion and attended the British Motor Museum in Birmingham in June this year. After an introductory speech the team were given 1 3/4 hours in the Maths rooms to set-up their car. No teachers or calculators were allowed! Then it was the moment they had been waiting for – the amazing buffet lunch. There was a chance to look around the museum downstairs and it was fascinating to see the improvements that had been made to technology over the past century. There were cars from famous movies, such as Fab 1 from Thunderbirds and the time -machine from Back to the Future. Soon it was time to watch the race….. From our view it was a tense race that was extremely close. Sadly we just missed out on the top three primary schools dropping us to 4th place out of all of the primary schools. However Mr Sutton came 21st in the teacher’s race. Despite this the team are still very proud of Mr Sutton and us. This was an opportunity we will never forget. We had a great day and on behalf of the team, we would like to thank Mr Sutton for taking us to this amazing event. By Sophie Tucker and Aymee Patel