Butlers Court School

'Believe and Achieve Together'

Mr Sutton retires after 29 years

Dear All,


What a great final term for myself with many 'final' milestones enthusiastically marked along the way.   I would like to thank everybody for their many kind words and gifts this term, and for all those who have worked so hard to make those special events so special, a huge thank you.   Obviously, this term the school has been set up with a series of spies tracking my every move to ensure that I was never aware of songs being practised, banners being made and walks being prepared, whilst not a single one of 420 children let slip a single word.  Walking out on the Wednesday afternoon to see everybody lined up was an emotional moment followed by many more. I was looked after in my robe and crown by Archie and Emma and will now expect everybody to keep the Pavilion clean and tidy as I have warned Mr Reynolds I will be back for snap inspections to check it is being looked after.


In the evening I was able to meet up with many ex pupils, staff and parents who came back to say hello and let me know how they are getting on.  It was overwhelming that so many took the time to come back, or write to me, to share some memories and wish me well for the future.  It was great to hear the wonderful,  happy memories of the school and it was surprising the 'little things' that they remembered, one pupil even sent me back a copy of a maths investigation I had marked in 1996 where she had chosen the letters B O R I N G to set up her challenge.


When I walked into Butlers Court 29 years ago nursing two broken ribs from a fall in the Alps it was not my career plan to stay so long, but this place got its hooks into me and I have been happy here, meeting the many challenges provided by the children, changes in our education system, my colleagues and parents.   It really is a special place.   As I prepare for the next stage of my life I am aware that I have made many friends here in my time that I am leaving behind, but am taking thousands of little memories of my own which will stay with me, even as I embark on my travels, initially to the mountains and glaciers of Patagonia in October and Antarctica in February.  A final thank you and I wish each and every one of you the very best for the future and am sure that I will hear of your successes.


Mr Paul Sutton
Deputy Headteacher