Butlers Court School

'Believe and Achieve Together'

Y4 and Y5 Netball Tournament


Wednesday the 13th of May


A team of Y 4’s & 5’s from Butlers Court played a netball tournament at St Marys School involving nine other schools.


Our first match, which was extremely nerve-racking as it was the first tournament for many of our players, ended at 0-0. Our second match was also 0-0. We didn’t realise how experienced the other teams would be, however our defenders worked really hard to stop the other teams from scoring a goal. After a few minutes of precious time to rest it came to our final match in the first round. With our star shooter (Jasmine) we won with a score of 3-1. With our fantastic scores a wave of excitement washed over our players. 

We finally heard the amazing results that we were through to the semi-final. However it wasn’t over yet, we were told we were going to do a shoot-out against Robertswood who also had the same amount of points as us and the same goal difference. The teams were still level after five shots which came to the conclusion that we had to do a sudden death play-off using our last 2 members. We managed to get our first shot in but unfortunately our second shot missed which gave away our place of 1st and took us down to 2nd.

Our semi-final match was against Gayhurst which ended 5-1 to them. Sadly we went down to 3rd/ 4th  play-off. Once again we played Robertswood! After some brilliant shooting from Jasmine and Aymee we won 4-1 finishing in 3rd place.


Well done to the following players.
Aymee Patel, Bridget Kent, Anna Hamilton, Jasmine Grinhaff, Daisy McLellan, Sophie Tucker
and Scarlett Tanner

Thank you to Mrs Lansdown and Mrs Strawa for taking us.