Butlers Court School

'Believe and Achieve Together'

Year 4 Extreme Environment Sleep Over

On Friday 12th September year 4 slept outside the year 5 block in the Butlers Court school grounds.  Unusually, when they tried to build their tents, they kept on falling down!


Mr Sutton, deputy head teacher, told them how to put up their tents.  Amber age 8 replied “the hardest part was when we had to tie it to the rail it was made out of tarpaulin and very rough string.”


After building their tents they went on to the field to play football or rounders. Amber and Madison played rounders. It was hard to see in the dark. Mrs Lansdown soon regretted choosing a brown ball  as she was soon not able to see it! Madison, age 8 whispered “my parents must be panicking right now.”


Then they went to the BBQ, they had burgers and hot dogs. At the campfire they had a very scary story called the Red Room. They also had squashy marshmallows and digestive biscuits. Then they had hot chocolate. Kiera cried “I love it!”


Then they went to bed. Some people didn’t go to sleep until 3.00 in the morning! Shana whispered “go to sleep Amber and Madison right now!”


At breakfast they had bacon rolls and hot chocolate and all year 4 enjoyed their breakfast.


Amber shouted “can we do this again?” and Mrs Lansdown said “I am up for this next