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An Exclusive Interview with Mr Butler

Filled with excitement and pride, the KS2 Year 6 House Captain’s had the unique opportunity of interviewing their new Headteacher. They talked about many things including his career in teaching, school days and interests.  Read this exclusive interview to find out more…


Some interesting background

Mr Butler has enjoyed twenty four years of teaching, this being his twenty fifth. Starting in 1996, his first teaching role was at Chalfont St Peter where he was a Year 6 teacher. You’ll be surprised to hear that our very own Mrs Loveday was a student in his class!


Headship beckoned in 2007. Mr Butler began as a Head at Chartridge School in Chesham and then moved onto Holy Trinity and Little Marlow Schools in Marlow.


Mr Butler lives just outside Marlow in a place called ‘Marlow Bottom’. When he first moved there, his young son (only four at the time) thought it was a funny place to live!


Mr Butler, how are you settling into Butlers Court? Do you like it?

Isn’t it a funny coincidence that your name matches our school? Was it planned?

I’m settling in really well. Everybody I have met is really kind and friendly. It’s not ideal because I was looking forward to meeting you all, but the children I have met have been so lovely. At the moment we’ve only got a few children in school so it will be a be shock when all of you return. It will definitely be noisier and busier, but I look forward to that.


Yes, it is funny that my name is the same name as the school. I had known of the school for many years. I did think, wouldn’t it be funny if I ended up working there and sure enough here I am! I did think about changing my name so people wouldn’t laugh when I would say ‘Hello, I’m Mr Butler from Butlers Court School!’ but I knew this would not be the right thing to do.


Mr Butler, I have heard you are into sports, what new sports would you like to bring to Butlers Court School?

I do love my sports and played football and rugby at school.  Exercise is particularly important for both your physical and mental wellbeing.  I’m really looking forward to getting out onto the field and helping out with the football and athletics club. I’m a keen runner so cross country would be something I would like to introduce. Ultimate frisbee and lacrosse would be sports I would like the children to try too.  I used to run a lunch time indoor badminton club at my previous school, this would be great to try out here, especially during a wet break.


Hello Mr Butler, what inspired you to be a teacher all those years ago?

You make me sound really old! When I was 17 and at Sixth Form, I heard the local primary school had no one to help run their football club.  I volunteered with some friends to run their after-school football club.  It was this that got me started on the journey because I could see how much joy working with children could bring.


The best teachers you have are the ones where you remember how they used to make you feel not necessarily what they taught you. I remember at school there was a teacher called Mr Heywood. He would always ask how I was and took time to look out for me. He was a real inspiration to me.


Mr Butler, what can you remember about your own school days? Were you a good student?

It seems a long time ago now. I went to a school like this, starting in Reception but going all the way to Year 7.  I remember one incident when I was in assembly and was caught talking! The teacher at the front made me stand up and sing the first verse of the hymn we were supposed to be singing, in front of everyone…. on my own! When I hear that hymn now, it sends shivers down my spine. I would not make any of you do that!


I didn’t enjoy secondary school very much because the school was bigger, and the work was tough. I must admit that I was quite chatty and probably didn’t concentrate as much as I should have.


Overall, I’ve got good memories and still have lots of friends I still keep in touch with.


Do you have any hobbies or interests and if so what are they and do you support any teams?

Most of my hobbies centre around exercise.  I run for Marlow Striders club and have also ran in the London Marathon a few times. I’m a keen cyclist and get out on my mountain and road bike whenever I can. During the holidays, I like walking and try and get to North Wales, Scotland and the Lake District. It’s a good way to get away from the busy life of school.


I was made to support Fulham as a child but didn’t like following them because they weren’t particularly good. At the time most people supported either Manchester United or Liverpool.  I decided to go for LIVERPOOL. I was chuffed to bits that they won the league last year.  I also support Sunderland because I used to live up north and went to university near there.


Do you have a special place in your house where you love to go and have quiet time?     

My favourite place is probably my garden. During the winter I like to sit around my fire pit with a warm drink. In the summer I like mowing my lawn and keeping the garden tidy.


Do you have any ideas about new things you want to bring to our school?

It’s a very strange time at the moment because I haven’t seen the school in the way it would normally be. I can’t wait to get back to normal and start trips and residentials again. These are the important things for me.


I want to update and improve the school website as well as collaborate with the local high school. I also want to continue to push to get more technology into the school and make the most of our ICT room, maybe to change some of the computers.


We have a lovely environment here, so making more use of the outdoors would be important.


What was your first impression of when you came to Butlers Court?

I have known the school for quite a while. What always struck me was how well behaved and polite the children were when I used to bring sports teams over for matches.


Since joining, everybody has been truly kind. I feel that it is a friendly, warm school where everyone is supportive of each other. Everybody has been incredibly supportive of me and that is very much appreciated.


Butlers Court is a great place to be and I’m honoured to be here.