Butlers Court School

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Ducklings in EYFS

On Monday 29th April six duckling eggs were delivered to EYFS.  Our teachers set up the incubator and the brooder box and we waited to watch what would happen.  We were hoping that all of the eggs would hatch and we would have new friends in reception! 


On Tuesday afternoon the eggs began to hatch; if we listened closely we could hear the ducklings ‘quacking’ to each other.  By Wednesday afternoon all six of the ducklings had hatched! At first the ducklings were quite small and sleepy, but they grew really quickly and loved having cuddles with us.
When the ducklings grew bigger we let them swim in a paddling pool in the classroom, we loved watching them dart about and dive underwater.
We kept the ducklings for two weeks, but they had to go back to the farm with the other ducks.  We hope they enjoyed their time with us.