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"Sizzlers Summer Singers

On Monday,3rd March I visited Butlers Court to hold an assembly about the musical opportunities available to children from Years 3-6 at High Wycombe Music Centre. I also spoke with Year 2 about a special Year 2 choir entitled "Sizzling Summer Singers" that will meet during the Summer Term only starting on Saturday, 26th April.

Throughout my stay I was impressed by the warm, happy atmosphere of the school, and the politeness of the children.

Quite understandably, many children are nervous of entering a room full of unknown people led by an unknown teacher, and so my visit offered an invaluable opportunity for them to meet me, and to sing a few songs that they could expect to sing should they come and join a choir led by myself.

The aim of all the younger choirs, but particularly "Sizzling Summer Singers", is to have fun through singing and music making, and to begin to develop singers who use good vocal technique and aim for high standards.

Last year, when we launched “Sizzling Summer Singers”, we welcomed over 50 Year 2 singers. They soon proved to be a talented, lively group who sang gustily and thoroughly enjoyed performing at the Music Centre Garden Party. This success, and the fact that the “Sizzler” path of development was shortlisted for an award, means that we anticipate places for “Sizzling Summer Singers” 2014 to be filled very quickly and we may have to create a waiting list.

Key Stage 2 children wishing to sing in a choir at Music Centre are able to join one of three choirs at any point in the school year without audition.

Year 3 
Sizzlers sing in a choir and are offered the opportunity to
learn an instrument.


Years 4 & 5
join Junior Choir. 

Year 6
pupils sing in Intermediate Choir which also includes 
Years 7 & 8

 pupils from local
secondary schools. Members of this choir will sing from music scores, although CDs are available for those who find aural learning easier. Intermediate Choir tackles more challenging repertoire that is often sung by the National Children’s Choir and is usually in 2 or 3 part harmony.

9 -13 

pupils are encouraged to join Youth Choir directed by MrTimothy

- Director of Music at RGS High Wycombe. There is also a Stage Choir for this age group directed by Mr Patrick Gazard.

The final rung of this choral ladder is the elite, invitation only Chamber Choir. 

Youth Choir and Chamber Choir and other senior groups such as the Youth Orchestra and Concert Band go on a European tour every other year.


A parallel structure of development in Recorder Ensembles, Guitar Ensembles, Orchestras, Wind Bands and Jazz Bands is offered to all instrumentalists who attend High Wycombe Music Centre.


Application forms, and a comprehensive list of all the choral and instrumental opportunities available at High Wycombe Music Centre can be found via the following links:





Kate Venvell

of High Wycombe Music Centre "Sizzling Summer Singers" Year 3
Sizzlers, Junior Choir and Intermediate Choir)