Butlers Court School

'Believe and Achieve Together'

Y5 and Y6 Netball

Our year 5 and 6 netball team took part in a tournament against many teams. We had two teams. Butlers Court 1 lost their first game to High March however won their second game 3-2 and their third game 4-0. Butlers Court 2 narrowly missed winning one of their games by losing 1-0 although there was some excellent defending by Shanaya and Charlotte. 


Butlers Court 2 finished in a fantastic 8th place and Butlers Court 1 in an excellent 4th place. Thank you to Mrs Strawa and Miss Archer for organising for us to take part in the tournament.


Thank you for the following people for taking part in the tournament; Isabelle Whatling , Annie McEvoy, Shanaya Fernando, Nancy Smith-Webb, William Tackley, Audrey Wakefield, Laila Malik O’Rourke, Saidie Brown, Georgia Potts, Holly Torrome-Adams, Macy Grace Butler, Charlotte Murray, Eliana Charalambous.


By Annie McEvoy and Isabelle Whatling