Butlers Court School

'Believe and Achieve Together'

Y5 at the Royal Albert Hall

Earlier this term 28 pupils from Yr5 had the amazing experience of performing to an audience of 6000 at the Royal Albert Hall. They joined 1600 children from 60 Buckinghamshire schools for a concert to include a premier performance of "Dare To Dream", a semi-staged opera by Hannah Conway. Our impressions - 

"The colours of the lighting were amazing"

"I will remember the stunning reds and golds inside the hall"

"It was strange because we couldn't see the audience but we knew they were there!"

"The pride I had in performing in front of my parents, once I had spotted them" 

"It gave me Mrs Marshall’s warm fuzzy feeling!"

"12,000 eyes watching us" 

"When we first entered the hall I thought woaaaaaaaaaaw!"   

Congratulations to all, what a fantastic achievement!