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Y6 Residential Trip to France

Francesca writes: on the 11th of June, Year 6 embarked on the most anticipated trip of the whole 7 years at Butlers Court. With some waking up at 5 am (imagine!) it was an early start for us all, though we managed to catch up on some sleep on the coach ride to Calais. We needed as much rest as we could get, because we were in for an action-packed week!


  • My favourite part of France has got to be the beach because of all the things that we could do like burying our friends in the sand, enjoying some refreshing ice cream, playing frisbee and other activities like rounders. The majority of the year went far out to sea because the water got shallower the further we went. If there was one memory I would relive, it would be the beach. (Ben)

  • My favourite memory was definitely the sweet factory because we were actually shown how to make gummy sweets (which some of us actually helped to make) and boiled sweets which we actually got to taste! They also told us how to make sweets at home which I bet some of us did after the week. Then we were let out into the shop where most of us filled our bags up to the brim. (David)

  • My favorite part of France was when we went to the chocolate factory because they showed us how they made white and dark and milk chocolate; it was very fascinating to watch. When it had finished we want into the shop and we could buy stuff that was amazing - they had stuff like: chocolate cats, chocolate animals and loads more. The most amazing thing was when they were showing us what they made my favourite was the big temple made from chocolate, it was amazing.(Matilda)

  • I enjoyed everything on our French trip but one of my favourites was the aquarium as we were able to see some sea creatures we would not usually see in England such as Sea lions, Tequin sharks, Iguanas and more! We even got to feel Sting Rays and we went to a 4-D movie about how our environment, seas and oceans are getting polluted and destroyed. This was definitely at the top of my list on the things we did in France. (Pemma)

  • France was overall a fantastic trip,